How does money work?

the 3 power of productive time spent on “non-productive” things

The 3 powers of productive time spent are about how you can increase your productivity by for example using your downtime to finally bring that cup to the kitchen.

This article is also available in German: Die 3 Kräfte der Produktivität

Power of habits

The power of habit is about if you can improve by one percent every day for a year, you will be 47% better at the end of the year. 

We make one tiny change and, in the end, it results in a very big change. If you have established a habit, you don’t need any will power to do something. Like brushing our teeth, we don’t really need motivation to do it. 

I used to always take my phone to my bed and then scroll through Instagram mindlessly or watch YouTube in my bed for hours. Then about half a year ago, I decided to always put my phone on the other side of my room and read something instead. Of course, I still had days where I took my phone to bed and then just didn’t go to bed for a long time. 

Habits are about the person you want to be. If I’m watching weird YouTubers for hours and hours, it feels wrong to me. I’m more a person that wants to spend time with people, reading or learning something new. 

The reason why we struggle with productivity, is because we believe we aren’t productive people. But if you consider yourself a productive person, you are more likely to be productive because it’s who you are.

Ask yourself: What 3 things would boost my productivity if I made them a habit? How can I help make those habits stick?

Also, a book that I have seen all over the internet and I think is a great book to read is: The Atomic Habits

Power of productive downtime

I often catch myself doing easy (and useless) things just because it’s not hard and I feel productive. But I am actually wasting my time by doing these things. 

I often do this, when I have a small period of time and I don’t think I can do something big and meaningful during this period of time, but that’s actually not true. 

If you think about how much you can do in 5 min: You can clean your room, you can read a few pages, you can give your plants water, etc. That’s why it is called the power of productive downtime.

Question: What are some chunks of the day in which I find myself wasting time in ways I’d rather not? What useful things could I do with that time instead?

Power of productive procrastination

You can use procrastination and do it in a way that is productive. For example, for me, I often procrastinate by watching YouTube, but I (most of the time) learn something new. Find things to do when you are procrastination, it could be reading a book or playing the piano. 

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