The 3 best memorizing techniques

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When it comes to memorizing something, it all depends on the technique. If you have a good technique you can remember almost everything. I will show you my favorite 3 methods to memorize something.

Here you can read the post in German.


Have you ever known the lyrics of a whole album but you struggle with remembering details about the second world war? Me too. 

We humans are good at memorizing songs, so if we put something into songs, we are more likely to remember it. Find a way to remember something in a fun way, it’s more fun to study that way.(but it’s not a way to understand something).

When I was starting to learn French, we sang songs to remember the days of the week. I still use this song to this day when I speak French.

Here you can find different types of mnemonics.

The mind palace

This method works like that: Imagine a palace with different rooms and now you have to try to associate each item you’re trying to remember with a specific image and a place. You can use the rooms in your house and imagine the items lying around in rooms that feel most natural to you.

This technique is most suited for remembering things like lists, birthdays, names and faces.

I have used this technique many times for remembering lists for a test. While you write your exam you can imagine sitting in that specific room and you go through it and so can easily remember the list.

I always make up crazy stories and because they are so weird I can remember them better. One time I was eating ice and I had to remember “mountain range and fault”. (while studying for a volcano exam). I associated “mountain range” with the wavy line on my ice and there was a hole that stood for the fault.

I was memorizing that a few times on different days and I remembered that during the exam.

Story telling

Stories close in all the qualities of information that makes our brain love and remember it: intense and colorful picture and engaging plotlines about other beings that are alive.

This memory strategy is quite easy.

By creating different images that include items you need to memorize and connecting them in a sequence, you create a story your brain can follow.

The exact narrative has little importance. It’s beneficial to create a story with elements that interest you.

Apart from that, it can be anything from your cat sitting on top of things you are trying to remember. Or it could be James Bond picking up items on your grocery list while he is escaping villains.

This is my 4th post of the study series. I already wrote one on how to study more efficiently, understanding a topic and how to remember something for a long time.

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