social media makes me lonely and my cure to loneliness

taking pictures for social media

There is a new movie, you have probably already heard of it, it’s called the social dilemma. It’s about how social media makes us lonely. An algorithm develops an avatar for every person, so they can show the perfect ads.

If you haven’t watched it I can recommend it 100%. Here you can watch the trailer.

When I watched it, I was so shocked. I was shocked because I could relate so much.

Here you can read the German version.

my relationship to social media

I have been through times where I would spend sooo much time on Instagram and Youtube. These two apps can easily suck me in and I spend hours and hours and can’t get off the app.

I went through phases of deleting Instagram and Youtube for a month. When I started using it again, I was bored in the beginning. But then I felt right back in the old habit of just scrolling mindlessly.

Whenever I watch youtube, I always say to myself: But I’m actually learning things right now. Which I guess it’s kinda true.

But often I just watch strangers on youtube and listen to their ideas and view of life. But instead of that, I want to focus on spending time with actual people in real life. I think it’s crazy how much interest I have in people I don’t even know.

Whenever I spend a lot of time on Instagram, I start to compare myself and my whole life to these people. I fall into a trap of wanting more than I already have and not being grateful for the things I have.

But most of the time it’s not the reality that they show us. They just show the “pretty” aspect of their world.

feeling lonely because of social media

Recently a lot has happened to me and I have been feeling more lonely than usual and I guess social media plays a big role in that. We always see people showing their best life, with lots of friends, money, and cool vacations.

What has helped me through these situations is spending quality time with people I care about. With quality time I mean not using my phone and being fully present in the moment.

am I addicted to social media?

I have realized that I’m addicted to my phone. I always take it with me, whenever I’m bored I just scroll through Instagram. Also when I’m nervous or feel awkward I do this! It’s crazy how much I just take out my phone, not to search something, but just to look like I’m doing something.

Just yesterday, I came home after going to my friends house around 11 pm. I opened the Instagram app and I got sucked into this virtual world. Guess when I went to bed: at 1.30 am.

I couldn’t get myself to shut down my phone and go to bed even though I was tired. I mean this is crazy!

And then in the morning, I told myself: today I’m not going to use Instagram. Guess what I did half an hour later? I went on Instagram.

my plan for the next 4 weeks

I think it’s time for me to stop caring about so many strangers that I don’t relate to. I have decided I want to do a phone detox and see how it goes. From tomorrow on, I won’t turn on the internet on my phone at all for 4 weeks.

Well my goal is 4 weeks but I’ll try for one week without using it at all and if it doesn’t work, I’ll see how I can do it.

First I thought, I will use my phone like for half an hour every day but then I asked myself: for what? I would use it, so I won’t miss anything important.

My goal for these 4 weeks is to spend more time with my friends and family, doing something creative or going into nature.

When I was younger I read sooo much and lately I haven’t been reading at all, so this is something I want to pick up as well.

I realized these are the things that make me the happiest and fullfill me the most.

This challenge is going to be very hard, but it’s important for me to do it. I don’t want to be addicted to my phone and spend so much of my time on these apps.

Time is the most precious thing we have in life and I don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t fulfill me.

If anyone wants to join me, you can send me an email or leave a comment below 🙂

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