Glutenfree and Vegan Restaurants in London

London gate bridge
London Gate Bridge (2020)

Do you know this feeling when you visit a new city but you don’t know if you will be able to find something tasty to eat? I know it too. I have celiac disease since 6 years and I am vegan since last November. I always look up restaurants where I can eat, and I always end up in nice restaurants. Before the corona virus, I went to London and ate in some pretty good restaurants. These are my honest opinions.


On the first day, I arrived in London in the morning and went to the Farmacy ( for breakfast. I was really tasty, I got a vegan pancake and the staff was really kind. The restaurant was designed really nicely with lots of plants and the atmosphere was very welcoming.

farmacy restaurant
Farmacy, 3.3.2020

In the morning of my second day, I wanted to check out the beyond bread (they said they had different gluten-free pastries and I was so excited to try them out), but their store was closed. So I went to Romeo’s ( close by and I got a banana bread and apple pie which were really good.

Romeo’s, 4.3.2020

On the third day I went to Ethos ( and I got a pancake. The pancake was tasty! The restaurant was really nicely designed and the waiter was kind.

Ethos, 5.3.2020

Lunch and Dinner

As I got hungry for lunch on the first day, I went to crust bro ( and I got a gluten-free pizza with vegan cheese. The people working there were really nice, but they didn’t put on a lot of vegetables which I paid for extra.

crust bros, 3.3.2020

I have always wanted to try out poke bowls but I never actually tried it, so I thought this would be the best chance to try it out. I went to Island poke (, it was okay but I always thought poke bowls would be a bit different.

poke bowl
Island poke, 3.3.2020

I can recommend going to Covent garden, there are lots of amazing restaurants. I went to the farmstand ( and it was my favorite restaurant during this trip. The restaurant was so nice, and the food was sooo good and cheap.

Farmerstand, 4.3.2020

For dinner, I went to Leggero (, which was recommended by me on a blog. I got a vegan lasagna and focaccia. They were good but very expensive.


Because I wanted dessert, I got two things from the free-from bakehouse ( They have so many gluten-free and vegan options, I almost couldn’t decide what I wanted to get. I would definitely recommend going to the green market, there are so many different stands.

free from bake house
Freefrombakehouse, 3.3.2020

Later on, I went to Yorica ( to try some gluten-free crepes which I haven’t had since I have celiac disease. It tasted really good!

crepe and ice
Yorica, 4.3.2020

I haven’t had donuts since I’m gluten-free and I have always wanted to try some. Borough 22 ( had gluten-free and vegan donuts and they were soooo good!! I was not disappointed at all.

If you have tried any of these restaurant out, or if you have already been there, please let me know in comments or by sending me an email 🙂

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