3 steps to change your Money Mindset


I bet everyone has heard of this sentence before: money alone doesn’t make you happy. But it also says money alone.

It is proven that social contact and meaningful relationships make you the happiest. What does it do for you if you go to a five-star restaurant and drink the most expensive drink and eat special food but there isn’t anyone to share it with?

In times of social media, we can always share everything and you can feel like you’re sharing it with your friends. But it’s actually not as meaningful as when you do it with your friends in person. A laugh from your friend makes you happier than having a lot of likes.

You don’t have to go to an expensive restaurant to have a good experience with your friends.

But money makes us feel comfortable. Rich people live longer than poor people. That is proven by several studies.

If you have to constantly worry about the money it can damage your mental health. You always have to think twice before you make a purchase; is this really worth it? If I’m going to buy this ananas, there won’t be enough money for the fresh asparagus.

Of course, you can be happy with less money. The wish to have more money is also connected to the wish for more freedom and perspectives.

How can you change your feelings towards money?

Firstly, you can ask yourself: What are my believes? What are the first thoughts that come in your mind? They can be something like: Money spoils the character or money isn’t important in my life. Or I can’t handle my money.

If you recognize your thoughts about money, you can have a deeper look. Are there studies that show that money spoils the character? What does this mean to have this thought? Why can’t you handle money? What do you have to change to get to a point where you’re comfortable with handling your money?

The third step is to challenge your negative thoughts. That could look like: Money alone doesn’t make a person bad. There are plenty of people that donate a lot of their money and do good with it. OR from now on I will learn how to handle my money.

You can write these questions and answers down, so you will remember them. It is proven that if we write things down we are more likely to do what we wrote down. Here you can find more about this.

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